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Jessica Tan is a film producer’s assistant who has been working in both Sydney and Melbourne for two high-profile film producers/directors, assisting them on many projects including the coordination for the gala premiere screening in Melbourne Australia-China co-production feature The Longest Shot, as well as script translation work. As proof-reader and editor on translated English to Mandarin,

Jessica’s work includes:

Two features film pitch decks, synopsis, scripts, AusFilm’s website and newsletter, VA Digital Hire’s company profile. Jessica has also been working for Australian Academy Cinema Television Arts (AACTA) in social media and media release translation.

Jessica’s cultural sensitives, strong work-ethnics, combined with her past eight years of cross-cultural and social experience in Australia has enabled her to do written translation and interpreting work in a number of film projects with different themes and styles. Jessica is also familiar with many different Mandarin accents from various cities and provinces, she also speaks Cantonese fluently. 

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