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The series The Secret Life of Dresses is the story of a young woman’s journey to recognise and heal her inability to connect emotionally with others and become vulnerable to love and desire. 


Erin is a successful ambitious businesswoman determined to seal the deal of a lifetime, who refuses to let her grandmother Mimi’s fatal illness stop her from succeeding.  While uncovering the challenging financial status of Mimi’s vintage dress store she realises many of the dresses in the store have Secret Lives – a short story based on a key moment when the dress was worn by another woman in another place and time. 


When Erin reads these stories she is transported back to that moment and learns powerful and moving insights into what it means to live and love in another country, culture and time.


These insights guide Erin to uncovering her vulnerabilities and shortfalls in her own relationships, enabling her to deal with the grief of losing her parents as a young child, reconnect with Mimi, and fall in love with Con, a local man she left behind in her rush to escape Daylesford as a teenager.


The series also explores the previous lives of the dresses and the lives of the women from other cultures who wore the dresses in various times and places around the world. 


Each episode would feature a single dress and the audience will be taken on a journey to other times and places – settings such as 1950s New York, 1940s Paris, 1970s Mumbai, 1920s French influenced Shanghai and many others. 


These settings and their corresponding protagonists and stories will enable us to discover the universal similarities and differences we all share as women.

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