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Geng Ling, a Chinese well-known company director, filmmaker, producer, post production Supervisor. She holds a Master of English literature from Xi'an international studies university.

Geng Ling has produced numerous independent films throughout her career.  Most recently, Geng Ling co-produced MAO’S LAST DANCER in association with Jane Scott, which was a box-office hit in Australia and enjoyed wide distribution in the USA.  It won Best Picture at the Sao Paolo International Film Festival 2009 and was nominated for numerous awards from the Australian Film Institute.

She produced Zhu Wen’s critically acclaimed film SOUTH OF THE CLOUDS, which won five international honors: the NETPAC award at Berlin 2004, the Golden Firebird and Fipresci awards at28th Hong Kong  IFF, Best Director at Shanghai IFF, Prix de Press at Paris Recontres IFF 2004 and the Silver Image Generation Award at Chicago IFF.  In her role as the Executive Director of Soundfirm, Beijing, the Australian sound engineering studio’s Beijing facility, she continually shepherds many film to their final form.

Geng Ling is the Executive Director of China Film Assist, and she is also the founder of Sound Firm Beijing. Since it’s established in 2003, the company has been participating in making a large amount of films both nationally and internationally. Geng Ling has been recognized by her peers, winning numerous awards, she and her company have been contributing theirs award-winning skills of postproduction to film industry last 10 years.

Geng Ling has been the Post-Production Producer on film’s such as Zhang Yimou’s HERO, HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS, and CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER, He Ping’s WARRIORS OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, Tsui Hark’s SEVEN SWORDS, and numerous films by Chen Kaige.

She has translated and dubbed for 12 English films and 10 TV serials including APOCALYPSE NOW, LION KING, SPIDER MAN, and has participated in post-production for some Chinese biggest films such AS THE ROAD HOME, HAPPY TIMES, HERO over the last two decades. 


Gen Ling is also a senior advisor and Executive Producer at Tadaa! Media a company founded by independent filmmaker Jen Scherwin to create highly original branded content for clients and to develop and produce original feature films.

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